December 5, 2017

Language Spoken In Tahiti - What You Should Know Before Your Trip

The language spoken in Tahiti is known as Tahitian or Reo Tahiti. The dialect is mainly spoken in the islands known as the Society Islands. These islands are part of French Polynesia, and consist of two groups known as the Îles du Vent or Windward Islands including Moorea, and the Îles Sous-le-Vent, or Leeward Islands, including Bora Bora. This is a language of the eastern portion of Polynesia, and is similar to the languages spoken by some of the indigenous people in the region. The most common of the languages in known as reo mā’ohi. Missionaries from England first wrote down the Tahitian language during the early years of the 19th century.

When booking travel packages for the islands, it is a good idea to know something about the dialects spoken there. Languages also spoken in French Polynesia include the languages of the Austral Islands, Tuamotuan, Marquesan and Mangarevan. Tahitian is similar to the language of the Māori language of New Zealand, Rarotongan and dialects spoken in Hawaii. Austral is the language of approximately 8,000 people in the islands. The language that's often spoken in the Tuamotu Islands is referred to as reo Pa'umotu, which has 7 various dialects. Mangareva is the dialect of around 1,600 residents of the Gambier Islands, and Marquesan is spoken only in the Marquesa Islands.

There are two languages which are considered to be official in Tahiti, and it's helpful if you know a smattering of one of them. They are Tahitian and French. When you're planning all inclusive trips to regions you aren't familiar with, it can help to learn a few phrases of the local dialects. Although most local residents speak one of these languages, in the hotels, restaurants, and shops, you'll see that most of the people do speak English. When planning your trip, if you're going to be staying in the larger cities, you should get by quite well.

When you book travel packages to the Society Islands, and smaller islands in the chain, you won't find many people who speak English. You'll find that this is the case as you travel to many of the remote islands of French Polynesia. If you plan to spend most of your time exploring the outer islands, you can find places online to learn a few useful phrases. However if your trip is on a charter yacht, the crew of the boat will be able to communicate easily for you. If you choose to learn a little of the language, most people find Tahitian easier to master than French.

December 4, 2017

Paradise in Tahiti – Why Tahiti is Unique

Tahiti is often described as a paradise by people who have been there on honeymoon vacations. Tahiti honeymoon packages offer newlywed couples a nice stay at one of the country's beautiful resorts. The great accommodations at these resorts are just some of the excitement that you'll experience. An experience that shouldn't be missed is checking out the beautiful landscapes that are found in this country. Organized tours are a great way to experience everything that the islands offer, and many couples prefer to explore these beautiful areas on their own.

The islands of this country, especially Bora Bora, offer visitors a beautiful beach environment. This helps provide an extra touch of romance to create a more memorable honeymoon. Because many of the beaches are fairly secluded, couples can easily enjoy leisurely sunset walks, or perhaps a private picnic lunch or dinner. If water sports appeal to you, you'll find plenty of great opportunities to spend time out on the water. Try quieter pursuits like swimming and scuba diving or a more exciting sport like parasailing. You and your spouse will love the number of water activities available.

Travel packages allow a lot of flexibility so that you can make your honeymoon just as special as the two of you are. If you decide to take a break from the beach, you can try hiking in one of several areas that offer breathtaking scenery. Tahiti has a number of places that are most explored while hiking. If you prefer to see local sights in a way that allows you to see more attractions at one time, consider an island tour taken in a vehicle. This allows you to easily visit several places of interest in a good amount of time.

Another reason to visit Tahiti is that it offers honeymoon travelers a variety of great places to stay which offer nice comforts. Overwater bungalows are used by most of the resorts to allow guests to be much closer to the water. It's not uncommon for these bungalows to have a glass floor section or table so that the fish and coral below can be observed. Should you decide to go swimming or diving, you merely have to step outside your bungalow. You can easily choose a resort that's as simple or upscale as you prefer. Choose from one that offers amenities similar to those of an upscale hotel, or choose an old-fashioned resort without electricity.

December 1, 2017

Tahiti – The Best Time to Go

French Polynesia or Tahiti is an island chain in the South Pacific. The islands are located midway between Los Angeles and Australia. The islands, which are known as the high islands, include Moorea, Bora Bora, Huahine, Tahiti and Raiatea. The atolls include Manihi, Rangiroa and Fakarava. The atolls are a group of coral islands located around a lagoon. When planning a vacation to Tahiti, the best time to travel to the islands is between July and September. The temperatures during these months usually range in the mid 80s, with nights being somewhat cooler. A lightweight jacket or sweater is all that is usually needed in the evenings.

The weather in the French Polynesian islands is pleasant all year long. There may be some brief showers, but for the most part, the days are sunny. There isn't a specific rainy season as is found in some tropical islands. When booking travel packages, you won't have to be concerned with hurricanes, since they don't affect the islands. Occasionally, tropical storms may pass through, but this is a rare occurrence. The islands usually have sunlight for approximately 8 hours a day. The temperatures for most of the year generally range between the mid 70s and mid 80s. The water is warm and temperatures are usually between 73 and 79, making it comfortable all year.

Between the months of October and April, the dry season occurs, and the trade winds from the southeast blow over the islands. The dry season is also referred to as the austral winter, which is the winter season for the southern hemisphere. Although the weather is relatively comfortable most of the time, it can get somewhat cooler, so it's a good idea to pack clothes that are a little bit heavier than what you'd normally wear for tropical island vacations. When reserving Tahiti packages with a travel agent, you'll be advised what to bring with you to stay comfortable during the changing weather.

During the months between November and March, the weather becomes more humid. Sometimes hot deals for the islands are available during these months, but travelers should be aware that if there were any tropical storms in the region, they'd usually occur during these months when there's higher humidity and heavy rain. The atolls reap the benefit of the cooling trade winds, but the high islands are more humid. The last time tropical cyclones went through the islands during the humid season was in the 1980s. The rates will be higher between October and April, during the dry season