Overview of Australia Destinations

Gold Coast skyline, Australia

Photo By Petra, CC BY 2.0, Link

Brief History of Australia

Australia is located in the continent of Oceania and covers over seven million square kilometers of land. It is also considered the sixth largest nation in the world in terms of total area. Australia is surrounded by both the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It is home to the world's largest coral reef that is located on the Northeast side of the country. The Great Barrier Reef is Australia's great natural wonder and offers beautiful scenery, eclectic sea life, and is a major vacation destination for people around the world. Australia was founded in 1901 and is a country rich with culture and history. From British settlers, Australian politics, and even an aboriginal history, there is much to discover and learn.

The diverse people are also met with a diverse landscape consisting of deserts in the outback to tropical rainforests in other parts as well as snowcapped mountains. When planning a vacation trip to Australia, you have many choices when it comes to accommodations, attractions, tours, food and drink, and even transportation. With so much to explore and discover, Australia makes the perfect vacation destination to unwind, have fun, and discover adventure

Find the Best Shopping and Retreats in Australia

Whether you are looking for a destination that packs a ton of adventure and thrill­ seeking, or a more laid­back trip with luxury resorts and premier shopping, Australia is a country you will want to visit. Australia offers an assortment of luxury resorts, spas, and health retreats that are sure to impress everyone and offer the vacation of relaxation you were looking for prior to booking your trip.

Lizard Island Resort, Queensland, Australia

Lizard Island Resort in Queensland

This luxury resort offers its guests a beautiful and peaceful location located along the Great Barrier Reef and provides each traveller with a semblance of seclusion and relaxation in a luxurious and inviting setting. If you are up for a bit of adventure, this is also considered one of the best spots in the area if you are interested in a little diving or snorkelling on your trip. McMillans of Metung Resort in Metung, Victoria. This location offers another waterfront view with more of a village type setting in which you will experience an extensive and beautifully done landscape. It is also a very family­ friendly area and has a spa on site. Fishing and leisurely walks are frequently enjoyed in this setting.

If it is shopping you are looking for while in Australia instead; then you also have your pick at some of the best places.

Townsville, Queensland, Australia

Queensland, Australia

Queensland is home to several flea and street markets that offer a bold array of fresh food and a look at some rich culture. From the street markets to malls, to a performance and dinner theatre, you are sure to find something to do, day or night.

Aireys Inlet Lighthouse, Victoria, Australia

Photo By Mertie

Victoria, Australia

Victoria is also known for its eclectic shopping locations, and here you can find everything from global fashion to markets and other vintage and antique finds. The shopping choices available in this area are always evolving to reflect the tastes of those who frequent the shops, and it offers you variety and treasure at every turn.

No matter what you choose to do while vacationing in Australia, you will not leave empty­handed. You will gain a sense of strength and restoration after visiting one of the many luxury resort stops, or you can go home with the perfect reminder from your trip after visiting some of the smaller, local shops in the area.


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