A Beqa Vacation Transports You To Paradise

Located in the Fiji Islands, Beqa is one of the most beautiful and tranquil resort destinations that you could choose for an island vacation. With stunning vistas, pristine waters, and plenty to see, do, and experience, there really is something for everyone on this island paradise.


Everything You Could Imagine

The island itself has several different all-inclusive resorts on it, each one providing you an abundance of activities. When you visit Beqa, some of the activities you can take part in include:

  • Watching native residents perform ritual fire walking ceremonies
  • Some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling on the planet, hands down
  • Romantic walks on white sand beaches
  • Kayaking
  • Guided walks and tours of the island
  • Musical entertainment
  • Cultural entertainment
  • Deep sea fishing
  • Surfing
  • Waterfall hikes
  • And more

All in all, it’s an experience unlike anything you’ll see elsewhere, and offers you everything that you could imagine from an inclusive Fiji resort.

Beqa Island


Dining In Style

Of course, a big part of your experience will be the dining. There are multiple restaurants at each resort, offering a wide range of international cuisine as well as locally-inspired dishes to let you experience a dining sensation that is one of a kind.

Bars pour plenty of cocktails, wine, beer, and spirits, letting you relax and unwind in one of the most beautiful, tranquil settings on earth. Whether you’re looking for an island adventure or a romantic getaway, you’ll find it here.

Getting Here

To access Beqa, you’ll fly into the small island airport and then be transferred by shuttle to your resort. It’s a roughly 11-hour flight when leaving Los Angeles for the island, though travel time could change based on layovers and other similar factors. Still, once you arrive, you’ll be in an island paradise unlike any other.

Weather is always a factor when planning your visit as well, and the summer rainy season runs from November through April, with temps reaching 95 degrees on most days. Showers during this time usually happen during the late afternoon, leaving you the day to enjoy the sun. Weather is often difficult to pin down, but peak travel season is between July and September.