Your Island Paradise Awaits At Vanua Levu


Located in the Fiji Islands of the Pacific Ocean, several miles east of the Australian mainland, Vanua Levu is the second largest island in the Fiji chain. For those looking for a vacation that’s a bit different than the traditional all-inclusive resorts of other Fiji Islands, Vanua Levu may offer exactly what you’re trying to find.

An Island Adventure

The island is slightly less tourist-based than other options, but it’s still well worth considering if you want a vacation that you’ll remember. The bay here is beautiful and a perfect touching off point for yachting, sailing, and other aquatic adventures. But it goes well beyond that. Activities that stand out here include:

  • Diving experiences with marine life ranging from corals to dolphins and beyond
  • Beautiful snorkeling opportunities
  • An untouched rainforest waiting for you to explore at Wasali Nature Reserve
  • Tours of the Snake Temple
  • Dolphin watching
  • Horseback riding
  • Beach walks
  • Spa experiences
  • And more

All in all, it’s a more adventurous type of Fiji Island, though it does still offer various accommodations that provide comfort to your stay.



Dining And Drinks

Inclusive resorts can offer a huge assortment of food and drink options, but the island of Vanua Levu is also made up of numerous local establishments. Here, you can experience local cuisine, drink cocktails designed to be enjoyed on the white sand beaches, and more. In short, it’s a unique experience that stands out from other options in the islands. Whether you opt for a resort or a backpacker, you’ll find an experience you’ll never forget.

Accessing The Island

Flights from LAX to Fiji last roughly 11 hours, and layover times could extend that. You’ll fly into Labasa airport and then enjoy a scenic ride to your ultimate destination, giving you the chance to take in the island scenery before you ever reach your accommodations.nd. But for the most part, even those here during the wet season will find plenty to enjoy.

As with other Fiji Islands, the rainy season here is November to April while peak tourist season is July to September when rain is less likely. The rainy season offers less crowds and somewhat lower rates, but with the increased risk of precipitation and heavy rains. Still, it’s a valid option to consider if you want to dodge the crowds.