Yasawa Offers A True Island Adventure


Located on the western side of Fiji in the Pacific Ocean, the Yasawa Islands are made up of 20 volcanic islands. It stands out from other Fiji destinations in that it’s more remote, more mountainous, and a more ‘adventure’ themed destination. Still, while you won’t’ find the shops or major urban centers here that you can find on some other Fiji Islands, you will find stunning natural beauty that lets you relax, recharge, and get back in touch with yourself in a big way.

What To Do

Tourism has grown on Yasawa, and today it is the home of several inclusive resorts that offer you a place to stay while you adventure. Additionally, you can also backpack or flashpack on the island, giving you a more ‘adventure’ type of experience if you desire. Activities here abound, but are primarily focused on the natural setting and stunning beauty. Some popular activities include things like:

  • Exploring limestone caves
  • Snorkeling with sharks and other marine life
  • Amazing scuba diving among manta rays and other life
  • Sea cruises
  • Fishing
  • Visits to local villages
  • Swimming
  • Surfing
  • Kayaking
  • Sailing
  • Hikes through the beautiful terrain
  • And more

In short, Yasawa is a perfect destination when you want to do more than relax by a pool and be pampered – though that’s still possible as well. Whether you want a honeymoon to remember or a private adventure in a tropical paradise, it’s here.




There are no real privately operated restaurant options on the islands of Yasawa. Instead, your dining will depend largely upon the resort that you chose to stay at and the dining options they offer. However, this can include a wide range of food and drink choices, giving you plenty of options when you get hungry.

Accessing The Island

Visiting during November through April is the rainy season here, but is perfect for those looking to avoid heavier crowds. Rains in the afternoon are very common and temps can reach 95 degrees easily. Dry, peak season is July through September, and while the weather is more agreeable you can expect slightly higher rates and larger crowds. Either option offers you the chance to visit how you desire.

Accessing Yasawa starts by landing on the nearby airports at Viti Levu or Vanua Levu, then taking chartered boats or planes to the island itself. Flight times are roughly 11 hours from LAX, with layovers modifying the exact time to various degrees.

Once you’re here, you’ll find an island paradise filled with adventure waiting for you. It’s a trip you’ll never forget, and a side of Fiji that is often overlooked.