Overview of New Zealand Destinations

Wellington, New Zealand

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Brief History of New Zealand

New Zealand is located approximately 900 miles east of Australia and covers over 260,000 square kilometers. Compared to other countries, New Zealand is quite small. If you are planning to travel to New Zealand, it is important to learn a bit more about their weather and what you can expect.

If you had a summertime wedding and want to travel to New Zealand for your honeymoon, then you should know that you may be going from a summer wedding to winter weather between the months of June and August in New Zealand. For warmer temperatures, the best time to visit would be between the months of December and February.

New Zealand has a very unique and fascinating history as well and has a diverse mix of culture including some European influence. There are many historical sites that you can visit, and even just a walk around the city will provide you with a better look at their diverse culture.

Visiting New Zealand also offers the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors and experience hiking, camping, fishing, and beach walks in some of the more popular destination spots. There is no shortage of fun and discovery when you visit New Zealand.

Discovering the Tropical Beaches of New Zealand

New Zealand is a popular vacation destination spot because of its sheer beauty and history. It is a country that offers excitement and new journeys for everyone with a range of different things to do so you are never bored. From surfing the killer waves to taking in a rich culture and history, it will definitely be a vacation to remember. New Zealand boasts of more than 9000 miles of coastline that offer pristine tropical beach settings with white sands, blue water, and lots to discover.

Cape Reinga Lighthouse, New Zealand

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Cape Reinga on the North Island

One of the longest stretches of land that you can find in New Zealand, this tropical beach offers grassy dunes, a forest, and as much golden sand as the eye can see. A great spot to swim, surf, fish, or just relax, it is definitely a spot you will not want to miss.

Gillespies Beach on the West Coast of the South Island

This beach is located at the foot of the Southern Alps and offers some of the best views you can find in this area of New Zealand. Here you have the option to hike, camp, or take a romantic trip to the beach and enjoy the scenery and a nice bonfire after a beautiful sunset.

Mosquito Bay in Abel Tasman National Park on the South Island

For a more subtropical climate and experience, this beach offers a smaller and more nestled setting in the area and is surrounded by sand and manuka and fern trees. The only way to reach this small paradise, however, is via boat, but the trek will be worth it when you see the native birds and sea life, star gazing the many constellations in the southern sky, and the chance to unwind and relax in a very off the beaten path type setting.

Wainui Beach Gisborne New Zealand

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Wainui Beach in Gisborne on the North Island

One more destination located on the North Island is Wainui Beach, and this beach offers a very romantic getaway and offers one of the best places in New Zealand to watch the sunrise with your love. You will also have access to several walking paths for hiking and jogging, or you can sneak an intimate picnic in at one of their several beautiful picnic spots.

No matter where you decide to go in New Zealand, you will not be far from a beach that can offer you a tropical like setting that you have dreamed of for your vacation.


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