Overwater Bungalows

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Overwater Bungalows - Villas, Suites and Overwater Rooms in the South Pacific Islands

South Pacific Resorts and Hotels Featuring Overwater Bungalows for Romantic Honeymoons, Anniversaries, Couples Vacations, and Memorable Wedding Destinations

Top Picks For South Pacific Overwater Bungalows Resorts and Packages


Overwater Bungalows are Traditional Island Accommodation

Overwater bungalows are traditional island accommodation huts and villas built upon stilts over crystal blue tranquil lagoons of the South Pacific. These unique overwater rooms allow guests to enjoy morning swims just steps from the front door, sunbathing on private decks, with some rooms providing partial glass floors to view the undersea residents. They are the most requested accommodations for those seeking romantic and intimate getaways. You can enjoy overwater rooms, villas and suites in Bora Bora, French Polynesia, Tahiti, Fiji and the Cook Islands.

There are numerous packages ideal for those who want a memorable honeymoon or other special vacation for one all inclusive rate too. These popular overwater hut bungalows over the sea are designed primarily with couples in mind, but many travelers choose to use these bungalows for other reasons. They are a great way to enjoy all the unique sights associated with the South Pacific, and will also give you a taste of the traditional Polynesian culture. One thing you can be sure of is that everything is included in an all inclusive package, including your airfare and transportation to and from the airport.

When you take advantage of overwater bungalows, your escape to this island paradise includes great amenities that you’d find in a hotel. The rooms offer comfortable beds and furnishings, allowing you a good night’s sleep. There is a beautiful view from the villa bungalows, and you can spend as much time as you like on the decks that are provided. Most include deck furniture, so that you can easily enjoy a nice dinner at sunset or sip on cocktails while watching the stars. Bungalows are ideal for providing the privacy that you probably want during a special vacation.

Best Resort Hotels in French Polynesia

Overwater bungalow are usually available at some of the best resort hotels in French Polynesia. These escapes from everyday life offer modern amenities. Even if you are a guest in a bungalow, you will still have access to features enjoyed by hotel guests. Enjoy a variety of delicious dinner items at the hotel restaurant or try fun tropical cocktails at the bar. Live entertainment is frequently offered that features unique Polynesian traditions. If you feel like being pampered, most resorts offer massages, and several have spas that offer a wide variety of treatments.

Overwater Hotel Bungalow South Pacific Packages

Another advantage of overwater hotel bungalow South Pacific packages is that all the activities are included. You don’t have to confine yourself to days spent at the beach. Snorkeling, windsurfing, sailing and other fun water sports are available. Try your hand at fishing, or go hiking or horseback riding to see Bora Bora’s unique beauty. Another advantage of taking travel escapes here is that you can go on cultural tours. This provides you with a unique glimpse into local Polynesian life and customs. Not only will you have a unique cultural experience, but you will be able to experience great Polynesian hospitality. This will be a truly memorable experience.