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Tahiti Vacation Packages & Honeymoons Great Travel Escapes

Free Tahiti Travel Planner CD

Tahiti Tourism Information CD
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Beach and Overwater Bungalow Accommodations in Tahiti and Fiji

What Are Your Options?

Are you looking for the ultimate honeymoon? Then look no further than overwater accommodations in either Tahiti or Fiji Islands. There is nothing on this planet more romantic than having your own private hut that sits, literally, over the water. These exquisite bungalows are perfect for newlyweds. In fact, you may think that you’ve died and gone to heaven when you wake up to see the endless sea at your doorstep. How do you book one of these bungalows? What do they include? To find out more about this kind of romantic getaway, take a close look at the information listed below.

Tahiti Vacation Packages & Honeymoons Great Travel Escapes

Overwater bungalow accommodations in Fiji or Tahiti will cost around $1200 per night, but this may be a splurge that you want to consider for your honeymoon. These popular over water and beach bungalows often include all major hotel amenities (including swim-up bars), and they are incredibly private. If this sounds like a fantastic idea to you and your mate, then consider booking this kind of accommodation through a travel agent. You might ask why go through a travel agent. While you can certainly reserve your own private bungalow online, travel agents tend to know about the best places and deals. Plus, an agent can get you some extra additions for your special occasion.

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How to get to Tahiti and her Islands
How to travel from one island to another
How to get around on the islands
Air Tahiti schedule
Tahiti and her Islands at a glance
Tahiti Practical information
Tahiti Useful addresses and contacts
Tahiti Calendar of events
Tahiti Activities
Technical Sheets

Tahiti Photograhs Included


Tahiti geography
Tahitian culture
Tahitian fauna and the flora
Tahitian history
Tahitian crafts and the pearl
Tahiti International hotels
Tahiti family hotels
Tahiti land activities
Tahiti water activities
Tahiti cruises
Tahiti scuba diving
Tahiti charter boats
Tahiti Honeymoon and Spas
Tahitian Incentives and fine food

Tahiti Photograhs Included


Map of Papeete
Bora Bora

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Hao, Ahe, Takaroa, Makemo

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Hiva Oa
Ua Pou
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Fatu Hiva





Black Pearls in Tahiti – Where to Find Them

Black Pearls in Tahiti

Black pearls in Tahiti are famous. Everyone that travels to this island destination must pick up one pearl item. Not only are these precious pearls stunning to look at, they are also sold all over the island. These pearls come from pearl farms that harvest the pearls directly from the ocean. Thanks to a careful art that has been mastered over time, Tahiti has an abundance of lovely pearls to choose from. Before departing for your honeymoon, you may want to try and book a visit to a pearl farm. The way that these pearls are created and harvested is truly magnificent.

Tahiti Islands Destinations

Finding black pearls in Tahiti won’t be hard to do. Tahitians pride themselves on harvesting the blackest pearls in the world. Most pearls are naturally white in color, which is why the black pearl is such a rare thing. Since these pearls are only produced when the tides and temperatures are right, they cannot be mass produced in any manner. This means that being a pearl farmer takes a lot of patience. While the craft itself is interesting, most tourists are more concerned about bringing some pearls home with them.

You’ll find that black pearls in Tahiti are abundant. However, make sure that you are buying authentic pearls and not replicas. Believe it or not, there are lots of pearl sellers on this island that try to dupe tourists. If you aren’t sure whether or not you will be able to purchase the real deal, try and find a guide to help you with your shopping quest. Most reputable stores will sell authentic pearls, but this is not always the case. As with any other precious object, it helps to know where to get the best product for the right price. Thankfully, you’ll find that lots of tour guides will be more than willing to help you out.

Tahiti Honeymoon

Black pearls in Tahiti are truly magnificent. If you plan on visiting this island for your honeymoon, don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit a pearl farm. Keep in mind that hunting for a great strand of pearls may mean hiring your own guide, and never purchase pearls from street vendors. Try and look for a pearl tour guide before you leave your home. This way, you can be sure that you are not going to miss out on a magical visit to a completely different kind of farm.