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Tahiti Travel Tips

Prepare for the best vacation in the beautiful islands of Tahiti!


Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea, Taha'a, Rangiroa & Huahine

Prepare for the best vacation in the beautiful islands of Tahiti!


Snorkeling, scuba diving, 4-wheel jeep safaris, shark feeding, bike riding, water sports, tennis, horseback riding, deep-sea fishing, lagoonariums, sailing, windsurfing, island tours, helicopter rides and various cultural tours including museums and ancient maraes (temples). Most resorts offer complimentary snorkeling equipment.



Lightweight, loose-fitting cotton washables. Synthetic fabrics can get hot and sticky in the tropics. Casual slacks and sport shirts are fine for men at dinner. Local women wear shorts or casual slacks during the day and colorful dresses at night. Also a small backpack for carrying any necessities.


Drinking Water

The water is safe to drink, but most hotels also offer bottled water.


Entry Requirements

To find out the correct proof of citizenship you need to travel to Tahiti, you may call the Tahiti Tourism located in Los Angeles, CA, USA at 310-414-8484. Canadian citizens and US require a valid passport and an airline ticket for return or onward travel. Citizens of other countries should check with the French Consulate. No immunizations are required.



You’ve got a little bit of everything here. The flavors of Europe and the Orient join fresh island accents to create intriguing fare. You’ll be able to eat Chinese, Vietnamese, Italian, Tahitian, French. Some meals would be local snapper infused with vanilla sauce, sauteed crab with ginger, Polynesian feast, suckling pig roasted in an underground oven. Great French breads and wines. Are you ready?



Tahiti is in the South Pacific, in the same time zone as Hawaii, yet south of the equator. Tahiti is 7 1/2 hours non-stop flying time from Los Angeles.


How do we get around?

Taxis, buses and car rentals are available. Because the islands are small, bicycling is a popular form of transportation. The most common form of transportation is “Le Truck”, the public open-air bus service that is very inexpensive.



French and Tahitian are the official languages, but English is widely spoken.


Money Exchange

It is not necessary to exchange, since US currency is widely accepted. The currency used is French Pacific Franc of CFP. There are approximately (the exchange rate changes daily), 100 CFP’s to one US dollar, although actual rates may vary.



Music and dancing tell the story of the Tahitian people. Most hotels feature evening entertainment by beautifully costumed dancers who demonstrate strength, endurance and grace. Club dancing is only available in downtown Papeete on Tahiti. Club Med has the latest nightlife on the outer islands.


Seasons and Climate

The HIGH season in Tahiti is June – Oct. Cooled by the gentle breezes of the South Pacific, the climate is ideal. Summer is from Dec – March when the climate is slightly warmer and more humid. Winter is from April through August when the climate is slightly cooler and dryer.


Shopping and Souvenirs

Shops usually open 730am and close at 530pm (noon on Saturdays), but are closed on Sundays. Some shops are open in downtown Tahiti for a short while on Sundays to accommodate the cruise ship tourists. Hotel shops are usually open on Sundays. Duty free shopping is mainly available on Tahiti only.The Marche, the bustling public market on Tahiti, located in Papeete, is ideal for finding picnic items as well as colorful pareas and other souvenirs. Tahiti is known for its magnificient black pearls, cocoanut and tiare soaps, manoi oil, vanilla beans, Hinano beer, shell leis, wood carvings and woven hats and baskets.


Taxes and Tipping

There is no sales tax in Tahiti. Tipping is not customary and not expected. In return for service, a friendly smile is appropriate.


Time Zone Differences

During the winter most of French Polynesia is 2 hours behind Pacific Standard Time. During daylight saving time, French Polynesia is 3 hours behind.



Current is 110 or 220 depending on your location. An adapter is recommended for the appliances you bring with you, although most resorts have hair dryers.


Water Temperature

Average 79 degrees F in the winter and 84 degrees F in the summer.


The climate is typical of a tropical oceanic environment, generally pleasant; the moderately high temperature and humidity are tempered by brisk daytime winds, with a mix of afternoon sea breezes or as predominant southeast trade winds. Average Temperatures (F)

You will fall “in love” with Tahiti and her islands

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